DPO Coalition Consultation Report 2023

The Irish Deaf Society is a co-founder and member of the DPO Coalition and the DPO Network. The DPO Coalition was setup to research and create a report on Ireland’s implementation of UNCRPD for Deaf and disabled people. When that report was finished the DPO Coalition closed. In 2022 IDS and 4 other DPOs setup the DPO Network to work together to campaign for Ireland’s full implementation of UNCRPD which will have a positive effect on rights and access for Deaf and disabled people. The DPO Network members are: IDS, Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI), Disabled Women Ireland (DWI), the National Platform for Self Advocates and AsIAm.

This Consultation Report presents the views and experiences of disabled people in Ireland based on 672 surveys and 8 focus groups. It also presents clear actions Government can focus on to improve disabled people’s lives and enable disabled people to participate fully in society.

You can watch the ISL videos for DPO Coalition Report below. To read the English text you can click here to download a PDF of the report.

If you use a screen reader you can click here to download a Word document of the report.

Chapter 1: Background to this Consultation Report

Content in this video includes:

  • What is the UN CRPD?
  • Who is the DPO Coalition?
  • What is the DPO’s response to the UN CRPD?
  • About this Consultation Report
  • The Consultation Process
  • A note on the words we use

Chapter 2: Issues of Global Concern and Priority Areas of Action

Content in this video includes:

  • Moving away from a medical model to a social model of disability
  • Priority Areas for Action

Chapter 3: Survey Results – Key Findings on Lived Experience Part 1

Content in this video includes:

  • About this section
  • Overview of findings
  • Awareness and understanding
  • Who took part in the survey?
  • Findings in detail
  • Rights awareness
  • Healthcare
  • Access
  • Not being listened to or understood
  • Supports

Chapter 4: Focus Group Results

Content in this video includes:

  • About this section
  • How can public bodies realise the rights of disabled people?
  • How can the Public Sector Equality & Human Rights Duty extend the realisation of rights?
  • Optional Protocol to the UN CRPD
  • Government action in realising rights
  • Legislation and its effectiveness
  • The UN CRPD and statutory bodies
  • Role of the DPO Coalition
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