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Irish Sign Language

We offer a wide range of courses for Deaf people taught through Irish sign Language, and Irish Sign Language courses for the greater population of hearing people all over Ireland.

Deaf people consider themselves to be part of a linguistic and cultural minority group as opposed to being disabled. Irish Sign Language is the indigenous language of the Deaf community. Research shows that sign languages are full languages with their own complex linguistic structures, rules and features. They are visual and spatial languages with their own distinct grammars and not only are they languages of the hands, but also of the face and body.

Irish Sign Language is the first and/or preferred language of approximately 5000 Deaf people in Ireland, and approximately 40,000 people in general will communicate in ISL (family, friends, co-workers, etc). This group of Deaf and hearing people together who communicate in ISL are known as the Deaf Community.

Irish Sign Language is different from all other sign languages such as British Sign Language, American Sign Language etc. Ireland is unique in that we have gender-based sign language variations, that is, men and women in Ireland have different sign language variations due to being educated in separate schools where these variations were used.

For those who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing who would like to book a course, visit our page “Book Deaf Adult Classes”.

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