Board of Directors

A former treasurer of the Irish Deaf Youth Association, Lianne is now a co-chairperson of the ISL Recognition Campaign and a committee member on the ISLA Sub Committee group Deafhood Ireland.

Lianne currently works in the Financial Sector with Northern Trust and holds a BA (Hons) in Business, Economics and Social Studies (TCD, 2006) and a Certificate in Equality studies for Deaf people (UCD, 2014).

John Bosco is a former secretary and chairperson of the Irish Deaf Society. He has been involved in many committees and working groups; within the Civil Service and other Government bodies monitoring the progress of Deaf people in society.

His recent publications have focused on Deaf people in society, such as the level of poverty within the Deaf community and equality-related issues affecting the Deaf communities.

He graduated with a doctorate from University College Dublin. Dr. Conama lectures at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin.