Advocacy is taking action to support people to say what they want, protect their rights, stand for their interests and have access to services they need. Advocacy promotes social inclusion, equality and social justice

The IDS Advocacy Service is a unique Deaf-led confidential service which was established in 2004 and provides support and information for Deaf people through their first and preferred language of Irish Sign Language (ISL).

The Service aims to empower Deaf people to recognise discrimination and to promote equality and inclusion.  The service bridges the gap that exists for Deaf people in accessing public and private services and information which often tend to exclude and isolate Deaf people.

Why does IDS operate an advocacy service?

  • To ensure information is accessible and understood – preferably through Irish Sign Language.
  • Ensure a full understanding of and confidence in the information received by our Deaf clients.
  • We respect the confidentiality and privacy of Deaf client.


Aims of our advocacy service:

  • More and better access to public services.
  • Break the communication barrier.
  • Equal opportunity for all.
  • More Deaf advocates.

We will represent and encourage the Deaf community to voice and claim their rights! ‘Nothing about us…Without us!’

  • IDS Advocacy Service: - Support for Deaf Individuals - Translation, Career Support, and More! 
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