How we spend your money?


Deaf awareness training, with posters and booklet, all in Irish sign language (ISL) for medical staff, Garda and other public services. This will help Deaf families in accessing their Health Services, Social Services , Education bodies, in fact all public services.


IDS produce DVD’s in ISL so the Deaf have equal access to information on cancer, swine flu, maternity, all health issues, government reports, general public information which otherwise the Deaf would not have access to.

Drop in centre

In our drop in centre we encounter homelessness, impoverished, unemployed, lonely and vulnerable people we need to have information dvd’s and printed leaflets in ISL and basic English so they are easily understood for those Deaf with poor literacy skills.


In supporting us you are helping to provide adult night classes for the Deaf community in English, computer also driver theory test, all through ISL. These classes not only build confidence but create a social outlet for the Deaf community.


We provide advocacy services with an open door policy. IDS will make day to day calls to banks, hospitals, Revenue, in fact all services providers on behalf of the Deaf clients and all with confidentially and respect for our Deaf client.

Your support can change a life.