Free Leaflets

Irish Deaf Society Code 1.1
Irish Sign Language Academy Code 1.2
Deaforward (Advocacy) Code 1.3
Deaf Adult Literacy Services Code 1.4
IDS and the Media Code 1.5
What does Irish Sign Language (ISL) mean? Code 1.6
Sign Language Interpreting Services Code 1.7

Free Publications on the following are available

1st National Congress: A change for the Better Code 2.1
2nd National Congress: Understanding Human Rights of Irish Deaf People at Trinity College, Dublin – November 1996 Code 2.2
3rd National Congress: Deaf Access: Towards the Year 2000 at St. Vincent’s Deaf Club and St. Patrick’s College – November 1997 Code 2.3
4th National Congress: ISL Our Language Our Culture at Trinity College Dublin – October 2001 Code 2.4
Guide for Parents of Deaf Children Code 2.5
Seminar : Bilingual Education for Deaf Children at St Patrick’s College, Dublin – March 1997 Code 2.6
Communicating with Deaf People – a guideline on how to communicate Code 2.7
Deaf Advocacy Development Project Code 2.8
Deaf Empowerment and Public Relations Techniques Code 2.10
Equal Partnership in the Media – Seminar at TCD – November 1995 Code 2.11
Total Communication – Deaf Education Seminar in 1986 Code 2.12
Some Sound Advice – Improving access to and utilisation of Health services for the Deaf in Ireland Code 2.13
Year of the Family Conference – Families sharing experiences by Irish Deaf Women’s Group and Irish Deaf Society – November 1994. Code 2.14
General Information about the Deaf Community (2011) Code 2.15
Code 2.16

Free DVDs available. Please note these DVDs are not for improving or learning Irish Sign Language

Understanding English through ISL: This is an interactive DVD to allow students who wish to improve their English to learn through ISL. The DVD was made with the Deaf Adult Learning English Project (DALEP) Code 3.1
Developing an Advocacy Services For people with Disabilities Code 3.2
Employment Equality Act. This DVD was made in conjunction with the Equality Authority of Ireland and translates the employment equality act into ISL. Code 3.3
Equal Status Act. This DVD was made in conjunction with the Equality Authority of Ireland and translates the employment equality act into ISL. Code 3.4
Maternity Care for Deaf Women – Pushing for Equality. This DVD is a translation of ISL version and voiceover, who published her findings on the maternity care of Deaf women in Ireland. Code 3.5
Men’s Health: Information on Cancer. This DVD focuses on information for men and gives information on the types of Cancer that are common in men. Code 3.6
Revenue Literacy. This DVD explains the more common words and languages associated with the Revenue. Code 3.7
Signs for Doctors and Nurses – everyday signed vocabulary in medical settings for Patient care. This booklet and DVD is available for anyone working in a medical setting that may come into contact with Deaf or Hard of Hearing people. This booklet is highly recommended. Code 3.8
Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Harassment. This ISL DVD explains what is domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment and where you can seek more information and help. Code 3.9
Mental Health Act 2001 . Irish Sign Language DVD translating the Mental Health Act of 2001 Code 3.10


Miscellaneous Price Code
ISL Charity Ribbon €1.00 Code 4.1
ISL Charity wrist band €2.00 Code 4.2
A2 size ABC Poster €3.50 Code 4.3

Books for sale

Books for sale Price Code
Breaking the Silence: The Education of the Deaf in Ireland 1816-1996 by Ned Crean €35.00 Code 5.1
Deaf Studies in Ireland: An Introduction (2004) by Patrick McDonnell. €30.00 Code 5.2
IDS History Book, 1981 -2006 Silver Jubilee Anniversary. IDS publication. €10.00 Code 5.3
Is there Poverty in the Deaf Community? Report on the interviews of randomly selected members of the Deaf Community in Dublin to determine the extent of poverty within the community. IDS publication. €10.00 Code 5.4
Signing In, Signing Out: The education and employment experiences of Deaf Adults in Ireland. IDS publication €10.00 Code 5.5
The Irish Deaf Community, Survey, report, history of education, language and Culture. (Volume 1) By Patrick Matthews. €15.00 Code 5.6
The Irish Deaf Community, The structure of Irish Sign Language. (Volume 2) By Patrick Matthews €15.00 Code 5.7
Basic Medical Signs – a guide for all Irish medical institution on common medical sign language for Patient Care. (This booklet includes €5.00 Code 5.8

DVDs for sale

DVDs for sale Price Code
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 1). This DVD introduces you to Irish Sign Language and allows you to learn some basic signs €15 Code 6.1
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 2). The second part of ABC is more intermediate and introduces you to more conversational Irish Sign Language €15 Code 6.2
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 3) . €15 Code 6.3
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 1, 2 and 3) Special Offer price. €30 Code 6.4
Angry Silence (short movie) €5 Code 6.5
Babble (short movie) €5 Code 6.6
Everything is crazy (short movie) €5 Code 6.7
The China Walk. Follow the exploits of those who travelled to China to fundraise for the Irish Deaf Society. Watch as they walk down the Great Wall of China. €10 Code 6.8
The Peru Trek. The second fundraising trek heads to Peru. Follow the gang fundraising for the IDS as they tackle Peru €10.00 Code 6.9