Booking an Interpreter

Working with an ISL/English interpreter

1. Best practice is for the person making the booking to provide the interpreter with appropriate background information in advance. This allows them to research and prepare specialist vocabulary. This may not be possible on some Covid-19 appointments.

2. It is the role of an Interpreter to research the topic they are interpreting. They may contact you before the assignment to clarify certain vocabulary they are not familiar with.

3. Depending on the intensity of work involved, it may be necessary to employ a second interpreter.

4. Position the interpreter next to you so that the Deaf person can look at both you and the interpreter with ease. Ensure there are good lighting and a neutral background behind the interpreter.

5. As with all members of the public, this conversation should be confidential, for Deaf people this may mean a room where blinds/curtains can cover windows. Since ISL is a visual language, it is possible to observe a conversation through a window and it is also visually distracting for the Deaf person and the interpreter (creating a visual “noise”).

6. Maintain eye contact with the Deaf person and address your questions directing to them, not the interpreter. Avoid saying, “tell her/him…did she/he do…”

7. Out of courtesy, do not say things to the interpreter that you do not want repeated to the Deaf persons. Similarly, do not ask the opinion of the interpreter about the Deaf persons or invite them into the conversation.

8. There is a time lag between interpretations from one language to another. This generally indicates high quality interpretation. Allow for time to finish sentences. Speak in normal tones and complete sentences where possible.

9. During a group discussion two or more people may speak at the same time making it difficult for the interpreter to relay all the information, please ensure only one person speaks at a time.

To book an interpreter contact:

Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) Bridge Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS)
Deaf Village Ireland
Ratoath Road
Dublin 7Telephone: 0761 07 8440
Fax: +353 01 838 0243
Mobile: +353 087 9806 996
Bridge Interpreting
The SPADE Centre
North King Street
Dublin 7

Telephone: +353 087 9046594
Fax: +353 01 7079768
Mobile: +353 087 9046594
(new website coming soon)

ISL Interpreting,
Carrick on Shannon
Co. Leitrim

  071- 962 2577
Fax:  071-962 2579
Mobile: 087-328 4623


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