Careers and Guidance for Deaf People

By Mary Quirke

This is a report complimenting the publication ‘Guidance for The Deaf Conversation About Careers and Community – Lets Start a New Conversation Guidance….’. It is important to say that either publication does not intend to limit any understanding but rather share the learning about guidance and Deaf people. It is intended that this publication will be translated into Irish Sign Language (ISL).

We want to communicate to all interested parties and inspire further work in this area, Deaf people, the Deaf community together with guidance and career professionals. This is important if the project is to have an authentic impact on guidance and moreover on social and active inclusion in society for Deaf people.

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  • Careers and Guidance for Deaf People  –  VIEW PDF
  • Guidance for the Deaf Community – Lets Start a New Conversation about Careers and Guidance… VIEW PDF
  • Deaf Awareness Training and Career Learning – A Model of Reciprocal Learning – VIEW PDF

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