Our Services

  • We can support you to fill out forms and assist with phone calls.
  • If you feel discriminated against or need to make a complaint, we can give advice and information.  We will encourage you to stand up for yourself, if you feel you have been discriminated against.
  • We can set-up and develop contacts of Deaf clubs / meetings nationwide to provide information through ISL and gather Deaf people’s feedback.
  • We meet with policy makers and service providers representing the Deaf community to ensure their needs are being met.
  • We assist in setting up training and workshops which aim to empower Deaf people’s personal and social skills.  The aim of this is to make Deaf people feel part of their community.
  • We work with Deaf people to encourage them to lead independent lives, i.e. empower them to make their own decisions and encourage self-learning.
  • We provide Deaf Awareness Training to the wider public in order to promote a positive view of Deaf people, so that we can integrate more fluidly with the wider community, to access employment and services in general, such as employment, schools, workplaces and other organisations.

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