– Wednesday 20th Sept 2023

Realising “Nothing Without Us”

Deaf communities are experts on deaf lives. CRPD Article 4.3 makes it clear that governments have an obligation to consult with organisations of deaf people on all matters related to deaf people. The WFD believes that this principle is also applicable to other projects and activities. Representative deaf organisations must be involved from the beginning in all projects and initiatives to do with deaf people and sign languages. On this day, highlight your collaboration with deaf communities!

Link to Position Paper on the primacy of deaf people in the development and teaching of national sign languages: https://wfdeaf.org/news/position-paper-on-the-primacy-of-deaf-people-in-the-development-and-teaching-of-national-sign-languages/

Our Focus This Year: National Council Members

This year, our spotlight is on our dedicated National Council Members and the invaluable work they do for their communities. The Irish Deaf Society has a longstanding partnership with these passionate advocates. Together, we’re working towards a more inclusive world for everyone.

Transcript: Mid-West ISL Hub: I am here on behalf of the Mid-West ISL community so that includes Clare, Limerick and Tipperary. I am heavily involved in the IDS because without them, we would be lost. Without their information, resources, knowing what Deaf events are happening. When we have events, like workshops or bingo for example, we notify the IDS and they share the information to their network of organisations all over Ireland. This means Deaf people know that there is an event on. We’re very grateful to be involved with the Irish Deaf Society




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