– Wednesday 20th Sept 2023

Realising “Nothing Without Us”

Deaf communities are experts on deaf lives. CRPD Article 4.3 makes it clear that governments have an obligation to consult with organisations of deaf people on all matters related to deaf people. The WFD believes that this principle is also applicable to other projects and activities. Representative deaf organisations must be involved from the beginning in all projects and initiatives to do with deaf people and sign languages. On this day, highlight your collaboration with deaf communities!

Link to Position Paper on the primacy of deaf people in the development and teaching of national sign languages: https://wfdeaf.org/news/position-paper-on-the-primacy-of-deaf-people-in-the-development-and-teaching-of-national-sign-languages/

Our Focus This Year: National Council Members

This year, our spotlight is on our dedicated National Council Members and the invaluable work they do for their communities. The Irish Deaf Society has a longstanding partnership with these passionate advocates. Together, we’re working towards a more inclusive world for everyone.

Transcript: Mid-West ISL Hub: I am here on behalf of the Mid-West ISL community so that includes Clare, Limerick and Tipperary. I am heavily involved in the IDS because without them, we would be lost. Without their information, resources, knowing what Deaf events are happening. When we have events, like workshops or bingo for example, we notify the IDS and they share the information to their network of organisations all over Ireland. This means Deaf people know that there is an event on. We’re very grateful to be involved with the Irish Deaf Society


Transcript: Dundalk Deaf Group: Hello, from the National Council from Dundalk Deaf community. The IDS is great for us in sharing information about the road shows and general updates for the Deaf community and also in advocating for rights to access for all. Thank you.

Monaghan NCM: Hello, I’m from Monaghan and the national council network here ensures access to information is responsible for gathering information from the local Deaf community and we try to support local Deaf people in work, in business, in education and many other areas. We try to reduce barriers and the negative impact that they have on mental health for Deaf people.

Longford Deaf Group: My name is Raymond, and I am from Longford. The IDS is very important for me and for the Deaf Community. The IDS always provide a range of media, roadshows, events. I couldn’t live without them!

Hello, my name is Frances and I’m from Athlone. I wanted to say something to the IDS, that they do a fabulous job and are fantastic support all over Ireland. Athlone had nothing in terms of events, and I always wanted to do something for my hometown, so I contacted the IDS and asked if they could help, they advised me to contact my local TD about having the town lit with blue lights for ISL awareness week, so I did and got a response and it all went well. We arranged for the Deaf community to meet at the bridge that was being lit up for the week. A chance for us to sign and for people to gather and learn is fantastic and it’s important to have this kind of event. This year will be our third celebrating with the blue lights, and I want to thank the IDS and say well done.

Kerry Deaf Group: Hello, I’m the representative for Kerry. I get information from the IDS and share it with Deaf people in Kerry. They keep us up to date on information and work with us to campaign for our rights to equality and inclusion.

Hello, my name is Nicola Walsh and I’m from Mayo. I am involved with the IDS and they help – first of all, there is nothing in Mayo. It is hard work to plan and to try to encourage Deaf people of Mayo and to push hearing individuals to help out. At the moment, we have planned a coffee morning at Christmas but it is difficult. That is why the IDS working with us, it really helps me to try and improve things here in Mayo and to build confidence in the local Deaf community because a lot of Deaf people hit so many barriers, they can’t open up fully.

Hello, my name is John and I’m from Greeenbow the Deaf LGBTQ+ group. We and the IDS share information with each other, it goes both ways, we then share their information with our members so that they’re fully informed on a range of issues.

Hello, I’m a representative for Kilkenny & Carlow Deaf communities. Absolutely, ISL and the National Council are important. We support others in campaigning for the removal of barriers to access and in achieving accessibility equal to that of hearing people, for example with intercom doorbells a hearing person can speak directly when a Deaf person has no way to communicate.

Hello, I would like to talk about ISL. I am here in the area of Enniscorthy in County Wexford and some people in this area don’t realise that ISL has been recognised, they don’t recognise it. Therefore, we need more advocacy in this locality. 

Hello, my name is Caroline Hickey, and Im chairperson of the Drogheda Deaf SocietyI would like to say that the IDS is important to us because without the IDS thered be no structure, thered be no support and thered be no help for other Deaf clubs and societies.

Hello, I joined the national council as a member because the IDS provide us with 1. Advice 2. Support 3. ISL information and they’re great benefits for us within the Deaf community in Kildare and it’s very important because without you in the IDS we would be at a loss.



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