– Tuesday 19th Sept 2023

Building Capacity Across the Globe

Around the world, millions of deaf people still lack access to basic human rights. The WFD has inaugurated a 60 Country Project with the aim of building capacities in deaf communities across the globe, particularly in the 60+ UN Member States which do not have national associations of deaf people. Join us in supporting deaf communities in these countries by hosting awareness-raising events on deaf lives around the world in your local communities, by supporting deaf communities in the global south, and by donating to the WFD’s work at here

Today marks an incredible day during International Week of Deaf People (IWDP23) as we hosted two Deaf Awareness Training Workshops. With over 20 participants joining us in person and a remarkable 100 online attendees, our commitment to promoting understanding and accessibility within the Deaf community and sign languages continued to thrive. Participants left with a deeper knowledge of Deaf culture, effective communication strategies, and a greater appreciation for inclusivity. We’re grateful for the engagement and enthusiasm shown by all, and we look forward to more events like these in the future.

If you’re interested in exploring Deaf Awareness Training or want to learn more, please contact us at advocacy@irishdeafsociety.ie. We’re grateful for the engagement and enthusiasm shown by all, and we look forward to more events like these in the future. Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities to get involved!

Deaf Awareness Training

Edel Walsh - Advocacy Administrator

Our dedicated Deaf Awareness Trainers, who lead our regular workshops throughout the year, play an important role in raising awareness about Deaf culture and fostering effective communication. Their wealth of knowledge and passion for advocacy shines through in every workshop, ensuring that participants gain invaluable insights. These trainers are instrumental in our ongoing mission to bridge gaps and create a more accessible society for all. As we move forward, we'll continue to collaborate to bring you more enlightening experiences and opportunities to deepen your understanding.

Deaf Awareness Training - Why is it important?

Kevin MulQueen / Valarie Mahon / Stephen Bates / Louise Coss

Our participants share their experiences about our Deaf Awareness Training, showing the impact it's had on them. These experiences offer a firsthand look at the valuable insights gained from our workshops. Stay tuned for these inspiring accounts that highlight the positive changes within our community and beyond.

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