Local Election Manifesto 2024

The Irish Deaf Society (IDS) asks all parties and election candidates to support our manifesto and champion access, equality, and inclusion for Deaf people. In the run up to elections this year we will continue to work with our community to refine this Manifesto and what we will ask of candidates.

We ask that all candidates commit to:

Work to implement the ISL Act – Full implementation now

National Disability Authority’s (NDA) Report on the Operation of the Irish Sign Language Act, published in 2023, states that 52% of public bodies are not aware of the ISL Act or not aware of their responsibilities under the Act and this is a huge concern for the IDS and the Deaf community. The Government must develop a short and long term plan to increase the availability and quality of ISL interpretation.

Follow UNCRPD – Rights not welfare

Uphold the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), ensuring full inclusion and accessibility based on the human rights and social models of disability. Services for Deaf people must be on an equality basis.

Meaningful Engagement with DPO’s – No more tokenism

Support positive change and engage with the Deaf community through the recognition of Disabled Persons’ Organisations (DPOS).

By supporting the IDS Manifesto candidates will:

  1. Support IDS to secure core funding for our work as a DPO so that we car meaningfully engage with the State.
  2. Fight for interpreter access for Deaf people.
  3. Join our campaign for access and inclusion in employment and support our research recommendations to remove barriers.
  4. Advocate for accessible mental health services.
  5. Support the recommendations in our position paper on Education.

Download:  IDS Local Election Manifesto 2024

Published: 17th April 2024

Irish Deaf Society