Deaf Organisations & Partners

National & Local Council Members (Deaf Organisations)

Established in 1995, the National Council is an umbrella group, comprising of local Deaf organisations in Ireland, to maintain a network of local and national organisations. The Council determine on the primary concerns and priorities affecting the Deaf Community, leading to the policies and the approaches to lobbying for equality and rights of Deaf people. Through this Council, the IDS have established policies of empowerment and independence among Deaf people.

National Council Members:

Ireland Deaf Heritage Centre
Ireland Greenbow LGBTQ+
Ireland Irish Deaf Youth Assocication
Ireland National Deaf Women of Ireland
Ireland Deaf Sports Ireland
Ireland Irish Deaf Vintage Club

Local Council Members:

Cork Cork Deaf Club
Donegal Donegal Deaf Group
Dublin Dublin Deaf Association
Dublin Over 55’s Deaf Day Centre
Dublin 191st Dublin Deaf Scout Group
Dublin St Mary’s Deaf Heritage Centre to be confirmed
Louth Drogheda Deaf Society
Louth Dundalk Deaf Group
Galway Galway Deaf Club
Kerry Kerry Deaf Group
Kildare Kildare Deaf Social to be confirmed
Kilkenny Kilkenny-Carlow Deaf Community
Laois Loais Deaf Network
Limerick Mid-West ISL HUB
Longford Longford Deaf Group to be confirmed
Mayo Mayo Deaf Group to be confirmed
Meath Meath Deaf Association
Monaghan Monaghan Deaf Group
Sligo Sligo Deaf Group to be confirmed
Tipperary North Tipp/Mid West Region to be confirmed
Waterford Waterford Deaf Centre
Wicklow Wicklow Deaf Society
Westmeath Athlone Deaf Centre to be confirmed
Wexford Wexford Deaf Association to be confirmed


European Union of the Deaf – EUD

The European Union of the DEAF (EUD) is a European non-profit making organisation whose membership comprises of National Associations of Deaf people in Europe. The EUD was established in 1985, and is the only organisation representing the interests of Deaf Europeans at European Union level. EUD aims to establish and maintain EU level dialogues, making sure deaf issues are raised. We do this in consultation with National Deaf Association members.


World Federation of the Deaf – WFD

WFD is an international, non-governmental, central organisation comprising national associations of Deaf people. At present, emphasis is placed on the following areas:

  • Improve the status of national sign languages
  • Better education for Deaf people
  • Improve access to information and services
  • Improve human rights for Deaf people in developing countries
  • Promote the establishment of Deaf organisations where none currently exist

The highest decision making body of WFD is the General Assembly (GA). Every Ordinary Member has the right to send up to two Deaf delegates to attend the GA, held every four years. The GA is held in conjunction with the quadrennial World Congress of the WFD.


Irish Deaf Society