Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) aims to highlight the experience of the Deaf Community and the issues and barriers that they face. This programme has the hope of giving guidance and clarity to those who have little or no experience with the Deaf Community, creating understanding and an ability to communicate in a Deaf-friendly way. It seeks to show the culture & language of the Deaf community. Awareness of the Deaf community is needed in order to break down barriers and unfounded attitudes.

Our Deaf Awareness Training programme covers the below topics:
  • Irish Sign Language – a brief explanation of the language and the ISL Act 2017
  • Deaf Community – we explain how the Deaf community is a linguistic minority with Deaf and Hearing people involved and cover topics such as positive Deafness and Deaf identity
  • Lip-reading video challenge – this demonstrates how hard it is to lip read
  • Correct Terminology to use
  • Barriers faced by Deaf people
  • Communication Tips – what is the best practice when communicating with a Deaf person?
  • ISL Challenge – learn how to spell your name and some other basic signs
  • Q&A & Discussion


If you are interested in arranging Deaf Awareness Training for your workplace or school, please contact the Advocacy Department for more information. You can contact the Advocacy Department by email at or at 086 440 1443.

A series of videos about “Deaf Awareness Training” developed by the Citizens Information Board (CIB) in collaboration with the Irish Deaf Society (IDS).

These videos will provide an understanding of Deafness, the Deaf community, Sign languages and other topics related to the Deaf community, including how to engage and communicate with Deaf people in a Deaf-friendly way. Awareness of the Deaf community is needed to reduce barriers and highlight the experience and the issues Deaf people face daily.

Learn about the Deaf Community in Ireland

Did you know that the Irish Deaf community is a linguistic minority group? In this video you will learn about the Deaf community in Ireland, their culture and the organisations involved within the Deaf community.


Irish Sign Language ISL

Did you know that each country has its own sign language? Irish Sign Language (ISL) is the native language of the Deaf community in Ireland. In this video, you will learn about ISL in more detail and the Irish Sign Language Act, which is a vital part of ensuring access for the Deaf community.


Everyday barriers to access – a challenge for Deaf people

Did you know that Deaf people are excluded from many things in society that others can take for granted? In this video, you will be aware of the challenges and the difficulties faced by the Deaf community. You will learn about everyday experiences that are accessible to hearing people but not for Deaf people.


Working with Irish Sign Language Interpreters

Did you know that since the implementation of the ISL Act 2017, publicly funded services are obliged to engage a registered ISL Interpreter when working with a Deaf client? This video will provide information about the profession of ISL interpreters, Deaf interpreters and guidelines when working with interpreters.


Some Communication Tips!

What is the best way to communicate and engage with Deaf people? In this video, you will be provided with a list of communication tips which will benefit you when interacting with Deaf people.
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