AGM, EGM Reports & Financial Accounts

The 42nd IDS AGM in 2024 will report in our activities last year, 2023. The AGM will be on 8th June at 14:00 in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone and will be hosted by Athlone Deaf Social.

The AGM will be a hybrid event the same as last year. What does that mean? It means that the meeting will be both face-to-face in the hotel and on Zoom.
Only members who renew their membership this year in 2024 will be allowed to attend the meeting, in person or on Zoom. We will share a recording of the AGM after the meeting on our social media for non-members and observers.

2024 members will receive the board papers in advance of the AGM and will be able to vote.

Hearing “associate members” do not have voting rights but will of course be welcome to the meeting.
Our board director Aidan McArdle will resign from the board at the AGM and this will mean there will be 2 vacancies on the board of directors.

We welcome any nominations for board director positions to represent different sections of the community. This year we are especially looking for suitably qualified Director to act as Treasurer. The meetings are on Zoom and we welcome nominations of board directors from anywhere in Ireland. New directors will be supported and trained with a mentor. If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss it with you.

We will send the AGM meeting agenda, minutes from last year and the 2023 Annual Report to members by email on 17th May, that is 21 days before the AGM allowing one day for sending. Members who do not have an email address will receive the papers in the post. If you are joining or renewing your membership after 17th May we will send you AGM papers within 5 days of you renewal.

Please pay special attention to the deadlines for extended notice motions, special motions, ordinary motions and nominations of directors. See the content about the different types of motions on the website page which will be available on the IDS website.

The deadlines this year are:

  • 10th May for extended notice motions (for example to remove an auditor or director)
  • 15th May for special motions (for example changes to the constitution)
  • 30th May for ordinary resolutions (for example about the Annual Report, Audited Financial Accounts or the appointment of the auditor)
  • 6th June for notification of proxy voting

Please put the date of the AGM in your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there, in person or online – Saturday 8th June 14:00 and we will have a social event afterwards!


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