National ISL Day 2023

Relive the Moments of National ISL Day 2023! Explore the highlights, from the symbolic Deaf Flag raising to the joyful hamper giveaways at Mad Brothers Cafe. Dive into the spirit of community, culture, and togetherness that defined this memorable day. Join us in celebrating the richness of Irish Sign Language (ISL).

Watch the heartwarming video featuring the children from Holy Family School for the Deaf, joined by News2Day presenter Barry Gallagher, as they share the joy of National ISL Day with vibrant sign language. Their enthusiasm and spirit truly celebrates Irish Sign Language, spreading positivity and inclusivity.

Hamper Winners: A look back of National ISL Day at Mad Brothers Café

Relive the excitement of National ISL Day with our video from Mad Brothers Cafe! Watch as we announce the winners of the €50 breakfast hamper from Mad Brothers and the special blue-themed hamper from the Irish Deaf Society. Experience the joy and community spirit of this memorable day!

Raising of the Deaf Flag

Celebrate the spirit of National ISL Day 2023 with a video showcasing the symbolic raising of the Deaf Flag on campus, led by IDS Chairperson Lianne Quigley. Join us in reliving this special moment and appreciating the beauty of Irish Sign Language (ISL).

Join in the celebration as the Irish Deaf Society staff extends warm wishes for a Happy National ISL Day 2023! In this special video, our team shares their joy and excitement, highlighting the significance of Irish Sign Language. Their message reflects the unity and spirit that make this day truly special. Let's celebrate the diversity and richness of ISL together! 🤟

Explore the wonderful moments captured during National ISL Day 2023! From the Deaf Flag raising to exciting activities off-campus, these photos capture the essence of our celebration. Join us in reminiscing about the joy, unity, and cultural richness of the day. Dive into the highlights now!

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