– Sunday 24th Sept 2023

Building Inclusive Deaf Communities

In our heartfelt closing address for International Week of Deaf People 2023, our Chairperson Lianne and CEO John express our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us on this incredible journey. This week, we’ve come together, putting Deaf people on the agenda with a range of impactful events, advocacy efforts, and educational activities. Your unwavering support, from promoting awareness to attending events, has been instrumental in making this week a resounding success.

We extend our thanks to our dedicated partners, participants, and the broader community for your invaluable contributions. Your commitment to our cause, the Deaf community, and the advancement of sign language rights has been truly inspiring.

As we say farewell to this memorable week, our dedication to empowering the Deaf community and promoting inclusivity remains steadfast. Together, we’ll continue working towards a world where Deaf people can thrive anywhere, and sign language rights are universally recognised. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives, and let’s keep the momentum going.

Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey!

Irish Deaf Society Chairperson Lianne Quigley & CEO John Sherwin


Hello. Today's the last day of ISL Awareness Week. At the same time, it was International Week of Deaf people. We had a phenomenal week with a range of different events and we in the IDS would like to say a huge thank you for all of you who were involved, from promoting and campaigning during awareness week. We had a range of themes on a daily basis on an important area to create better understanding there and for the future to create a positive impact for change in the future, better access for the Deaf community across wider society in Ireland. 

So, thinking about. All the different events during Awareness Week. We had deaf awareness training. And how many did we have? We had 20 face to face. And 100 online on zoom. Which was great. We had parkrun and a coffee morning and both, with their own ISL challenge. Brilliant. We had an Instagram competition for ISIL classes. We had the National Council members involved. Well done and thank you. Holy Family were on RTE, and deaf interpreters were on TV. We had the Minister for Education. Norma Foley. So, thank you for your involvement. And it was great to see all the different links with the media. So, thank you.  

So yes, we in the IDS would just like to say huge thank you to all of you for your continued support over this., and we would ask you to continue supporting the IDS. This week we've created huge impact, creating huge awareness, but we're not done now, we're going to continue. We're going to work on a daily basis for the deaf community and we would ask you for your continued support, so Happy International Week of deaf people.. 

 ..and we include, ISL, Awareness Week in that! 

Bye Bye. 

Irish Deaf Society