EGM 2021

IDS EGM 2021 – Agree New IDS Constitution 

Our EGM is this Saturday 24th April at 14:00, the meeting will be on Zoom. The EGM is a public meeting and will be broadcast on social media.  

Members who do not have access to computers or smartphones will not be able to attend the online meeting, unfortunately it is our only option during the pandemic.  

The Agenda for the EGM is: 

  • Standing Orders 
  • Adoption of the Agenda 
  • Vote on new IDS Constitution 
  • EGM finishes 

Download the proxy form (if you cannot attend the meeting and want someone else to vote for you) 

If you want to attend the meeting and vote on the constitution you must be a member of IDS in 2021. Please remember that if you are renewing your membership you need to use the membership renewal form. That is important so that we can be sure we have the correct contact information for you. The easiest way is to do this on the website, but we can send you the form if you do not have internet access. 

In order to vote you must join the meeting on your own device with your own email address, the voting system will not allow people to share email addresses.  

You can email or contact our Advocacy Support Service – Text: 086 4401443 for help with any of these issues: 

  • If you need help with membership renewal or the proxy form or if you do not have access to technology. 
  • If you know any Deaf people who would like to be a member but have difficulty with computers, encourage them to contact us, we don’t want to leave anyone behind. 
  • We have already had an open meeting to answer questions about the constitution so there will be no questions and answers about the constitution at the EGM meeting. If you have any questions about the constitution before the meeting please contact us. 

Membership must be renewed by the end of the day this Thursday 22nd to give us time to manage the Zoom invitations. If you miss this deadline you will not be able to attend the meeting and vote.  

You will be emailed the Zoom meeting details on Friday 23rd. 

There will be a live stream of the meeting on the IDS Facebook page so that non-members and observers can see the meeting. The Zoom meeting will be recorded for internal use to support minutes of the meeting. 

You will be asked to vote on the approval of the new IDS Constitution at the meeting. 

The full constitution is available in English and most of it is translated into ISL. We hoped it would be fully translated but the size of the document and the complex English was a real challenge. The majority of it is available in ISL and we can answer any questions you have. 

You can see the constitution on our website in the “About” section:  

Please reply to this email ( to let us know if you will renew your membership and can come to the EGM. 

Irish Deaf Society