ISL Video: Oral, Practical and Written LC and JC Examinations

25th March 2020

I am working from home and watched the announcement that the Minister of Education Joe McHugh made – I want to share the news with Deaf parents and guardians so they are aware about their children sitting in their examination.

3 different parts of LC & JC examinations

Oral, Practical and Written Examinations

Minister announced all students who will be sitting their LC & JC examinations this summer will receive full marks for Oral and Practical examination.

The Minister for Education is still considering if LC written will still go ahead. He hopes this decision will ease some of the students’ pressures and allow them to focus more clearly on completing project work and preparing for written exams.

Oral Test in LC – Irish French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian & Japanese

Practical performance in LC: Music
Practical performance in JC: Music and Home & Economics

The Minister also confirmed the changes to a deadline to complete project & coursework in a number of subjects.

Students originally would complete the exams from Friday 20th March until Friday 24th April but the deadline will be on 15th May.

Students need to continue to work with their teachers, parents/guardians through online / resources and keep up with the project/coursework for May and preparing for written exams in June.

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