National Irish Sign Language (ISL) Day

30th November 2022

I have an exciting announcement. Do you know what’s going on on the 14th of December? Of course,you do. On this day 5 years ago the Irish Sign Language act was passed into law. It’s been 5 years already! The 14th of December marks national Irish Sign Language Day. It’s so important that we continue to celebrate this day, the recognition of our language. At the same time, we must continue to work hard and advocate. How will we celebrate this day? We will all come together in the Deaf Village on Wednesday the 14th of December from 1 O’clock to 4 O’clock. We’ll have tea, coffee, and cake. Everyone is welcome, new, and old faces. Will we just have tea and coffee? No, we will also be having some games on, get involved in the fun and have a laugh! The games will link in and focus on Deaf history and talk about ISL with a fun twist. So, what is the plan? There will be three teams of 2. So altogether there will be 6 people playing. One team will win a hamper. If you want to get involved, you need two people. You can pick yourselves, with family or friends or whoever! You must let me know before the 9th of December. To make it fair, if there’s a lot of people interested, we will have a draw on the day to see who will be involved in the game show. If you don’t want to play, but you’d like to watch, of course you can. Come along, watch, have a laugh and join in the fun! We look forward to seeing you all there, watching, playing, or just having fun!

Irish Deaf Society