IDS Distributing Face Visors

9th July 2020

The Government has been recommending that everyone uses face masks where social distancing is not possible.

Recently they have asked people to use face masks on public transport.

There are clear problems with face masks including not allowing lipreading.

Because of this we are recommending the use of face visors. You can clearly see facial expressions and lip read.

They are easier to wear, more comfortable, the can be disinfected easily after use.

We would like to thank Ciarán O’Loughlin and the Limerick Institute of Technology PPE Hub, who has made and donated 1000 face visors for the Deaf community.

Each pack contains 2 plastic visors and this is how it works.

IDS is going to post face visors to all IDS members and all CISLI members. We are also going to make sure that a supply of visors is sent to different locations around the country so that other people in the Deaf community can have access to them and somewhere reasonably close to pick them up from.

We will get them into the post in the coming days.

Apart from our supply of face visors many Pharmacies are stocking different types and selling them very cheaply. We will do our best to distribute all of the 1000 we have received.

Irish Deaf Society