European Disability Card and European Parking Card for people with disabilities

18th April 2024

In Ireland, people with disabilities don’t have a card to prove their disability, while some other EU countries have cards but might not work in other countries, causing problems.

Few years ago, The plan on the pilot project was created on the experience of the EU disability card involving 8 EU countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Malta, Romania, and Slovenia. The pilot project collected information and feedback from these countries, which was assessed for usefulness and cost-effectiveness.

The European Union of the Deaf EUD held a webinar in May 2023 for Deaf national organisations to attend. The focus was on the topic of the European Disability Card. Our Advocacy Manager, Elaine Grehan participated in the webinar, involving in discussions and listening to information shared by other Deaf national organisations.

The European Commission, under the EU Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030, proposed to introduce two new European Disability Card and an improved European Parking Card in September 2023.

Negotiations with the European Parliament and EU Council led to a call for all EU governments to implement these cards for their people with disabilities in EU countries within two and a half years.

The European Disability Card aims to provide recognition of disability status across EU countries. It will offer proof of disability and grant access to special conditions and preferential treatment for people with disabilities when traveling within the EU. These conditions include free entry, reduced prices, priority access, personal assistance, mobility aids, and access to public areas, cultural, leisure, and sports venues.

Also, an improved European Parking Card will replace national cards, ensuring that people with disabilities have access to parking spaces and recognition of their parking rights and facilities across the EU.

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Published: 16th April 2024

Irish Deaf Society