EU & Local Elections 2024

11th April 2024

Elections will be held in 27 countries from 6th to 9th June. Ireland has picked Friday, 7th June. Altogether, 720 MEPs are needed across the 27 EU countries. Ireland needs to elect 14 MEPs. Note: Germany needs the most MEPs at 96, followed by France at 81 – on the long list. Turning to Ireland, we need 14 MEPs.

Information for voters: You must be over 18 years old. Anyone from the EU living in Ireland can vote, as well as Irish citizens.

We will know the candidates who live in Ireland from the EU for the elections from 15th to 22nd April. Irish citizens who are interested to be elected by 30th April. This will give us more time to consider and vote before 7th June.

  • What is an MEP and what do they do?
  • Help create EU laws by discussing and voting on them.
  • Represent the concerns of people in their country.
  • Oversee the EU’s management group, the European Commission.
  • Decide the EU’s budget and monitor spending.
  • Represent the EU in talks and partnerships with other countries.

In summary, MEPs work to shape EU rules, laws, and budgets while representing the interests of European citizens.
If you need any clarification with the information, please text or video call me on WhatsApp, email or pop in the Information Office, Atruim, Deaf Village.

#EUElections2024 #UseYourVote

11th April 2024

Irish Deaf Society