Local Property Tax 2022

15th October 2021

Information from Revenue website on Local Property Tax. #islvideo
This video is sharing information about Local Property Tax (LPT) or house tax. The information is from the Revenue website.
People who own a property must valuate your property on the 1st November. There are three links you can use.
The first is an online tool you can use to assess the value of your property.
You enter your Eircode and choose your property on the map. Then it will give you information used to determine which band the property falls under;
eg you might be given band 4. (For example, you could get the number 4)
The second link is for a calculation. You can enter the number you got at the first link and it will work out how much LPT you will pay for 2022-2025. Every year the cost will be the same.
The third link is how to pay online. You can pay in full, in instalments or deduct from your account.
You must do this before the 7th November.
I will give you a 4th link which will bring you to the website which has the full info in detail.
If you want to contact us,or have questions about any of the above, or need help online you can contact the Advocacy team – email advocacy@irishdeafsociety.ie / Text 086 440 1443
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