Huawei phone donation

9th April 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is going through a hard time with no access to family and friends and very little social interaction. Older people that relied on family and now do not have this option are currently more vulnerable.
IDS are aware of this struggle and we contacted Huawei, the phone company and asked if they would be willing to donate phones for vulnerable members of the Deaf community. They agreed to donate 40 smartphones and Vodafone donated free sim cards that have unlimited texts and calls for one month. We are very grateful to Huawei and Vodafone for their generous donation which will help us to link in with people in the community.
We are going to work with the Deaf COVID-19 Roadrunners Group, made up of Deaf people who are volunteering their time to work with Deaf people in their local community who live alone, have no phone and have no access. We will keep you updated on this!
Irish Deaf Society