Five ways to Wellbeing!

20th January 2021

ISL Video on Information from Mental Health Ireland website on Five ways to Wellbeing

  • Connect
  • Be Active.
  • Take Notice.
  • Keep Learning.
  • Give

The Mental Health Ireland website has information about Wellbeing, which means looking after yourself and dealing with stress and coping in normal everyday life.

So there are different things that can influence your wellbeing. Such as exercising, diet, feeling secure, relationships, work, self-care, and managing your finances. Wellbeing helps you get through life with a sense of purpose, and helps you feel secure and happy and controls how you feel.

There are 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

The first is to Connect. It’s important to keep connected to friends, family and the community. It’s important to keep in contact by text, email, signing, whatever, don’t isolate yourself from others.

Second Be Active. Find ways to keep yourself busy. Get out for a walk or a run or go out and do some gardening for example. Research shows that activity like this can help improve your mental health and

Next, Take Notice . When you’re out and about your mind can be just thinking non-stop. Look around you, take in nature, trees, birds. Take in the things around you, like stones, animals, or the sea, look around you, look at people, cars, etc, all this will help you be present.

Fourth, Keep Learning. Find things to do, maybe go back to an old hobby, for example art, if you were good at that before go back to it. Read a book, get some new recipes for cooking. Give yourself new challenges. You could watch make up vlog about “operation transformation” . Erika and Anna will do a make up vlog and you can register on line, and the good news is they’ll provide an ISL interpreter!

The Fifth is Give. You can encourage and praise others for their achievements, and on social media you can post positive comments or likes about other people’s activities, cookery, gardening or different walks for example. Thank them for sharing photos etc . This helps make others feel good. Keep linked in with people! For example on social media you have 100 day challenges(#100daychallenge), or a 365 day walking challenge, you’ll see posts and photos on social media and click ‘Like’, that’ll help others confidence. And if you want to find something different to do look up #Beactive!

Keep yourself safe from Covid during these level 5 restrictions and mind your mental health and wellbeing!



Watch and read through examples and see how much time you give to the actions each day. One or more of the Five Ways to Wellbeing can improve wellbeing.

Download the Five Way to Wellbeing images here



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