Update in relation to IDS funding crisis

8th February 2019

Our CEO has issued an update in relation to IDS funding crisis. Firstly he wants to thank everyone for their patience, while we are in discussions with Government it is not always possible to give updates; sometimes we are waiting for feedback or decisions so that we can decide what to do next. Over the last couple of weeks we have been waiting for information from our contacts in Government and have been unable to make decisions or to inform you about any changes.

On Monday we had a meeting with officials from Minister Finian McGrath’s office and the Dept. of An Taoiseach. We had hoped that we would have good news about funding at that meeting, but Government has not found a way to fund IDS yet. We are working with officials to try and extend our deadline longer than the end of March so that we can delay issuing redundancy notification. At the moment it is not clear if there is a way forward, we are providing officials with financial information about our requirements. We are hoping to have further news next week.

As it stands today, Government is working with us to see if we can create a little more time for discussions and extend that deadline into April, but we still have no positive developments in terms of finding a State body that will work with us. Government has not said “no” to our funding, but they have not said “yes” either.

Thanks again for your support and patience while work is going on in the background. We hope that with the help of Government that a solution can be found in the coming weeks and we will update you as often as we can.