UN CRPD ratification approved

12th March 2018

UN CRPD ratification approved !

Great news! On Wednesday 7th March 2017, the Dáil approved ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UN CRPD! The Government will give special documentation to the United Nations in March. 30 days later, the UN CRPD will become law in Ireland.

The ratification is an important step, but it is only one step towards equality. To meet the standards in the UN CRPD, Government must still address the waiting lists, the lack of services, resources and funding.

However, the State did not ratify the Optional Protocol that day. The Government had said that it would ratify this at the same time as the UN CRPD. The Optional Protocol can allow individuals or groups to take a complaint to the United Nations Committee if they feel that their rights have not been met.

The UNCRPD is very important for the Deaf Community in Ireland as there are five important articles about sign language. For example education, accessibility, access to information.

Now we must start to monitor how well the UN CRPD is being implemented in Ireland.