Spanish (QQI Level 3) Beginners – Tuesday Evenings – September 2022

7th June 2022

Ref: 357373

Start date: 13th September 2022
Tuesdays from 7-8.30pm for 20 weeks
Course Max: 8 Learners per class

Only 6 places left

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Spanish QQI Level 3 (Beginners)

Students will:

  • Be offered an introductory course in written Spanish where they can pick up relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate at an introductory level in Spanish.
  • Learn about the culture and national holidays of Spain
  • Use introductory vocabulary, to include greetings, introductions, courtesies, basic personal information, numbers 1-100, time, simple directions, making purchases, food and drink
  • Basic grammar in Spanish
  • Exchange familiar information, to include personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they have, notions of time and quantity, space and location, lifestyle preferences and responsibilities
  • Able to show a breakdown in communication, to include a signal of non-understanding, asking for repetition or slower speech, or Do you speak English/ Spanish? in Spanish
  • Read simple notices, signs and short pieces of text on familiar subjects, to include social and/or work-related information
  • Interact in a simple way in Spanish, to include simple exchanges and use of basic phrases, ordering food and drink, and making familiar purchases.

(10 FET credits) It will also enable them to progress to QQI Award Level 4.