An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy – Monday Afternoons – September 2022

26th May 2022

Ref: 357361

Start Date: 12th September 2022
1pm-2:30pm Mondays for 10 weeks
Course Max: 8 Learners per class

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An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy

An introduction to counselling and psychotherapy where learners get the basics of counselling and psychotherapy. Note, this is not a course to become counsellors or psychotherapists. You will be introduced to some of the major elements that make up counselling and psychotherapy. The course covers methods such as:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,
  • the Person-Centred approach, and
  • Transactional analysis.

Exercises incorporating these methods will show how they work.

This is a good course for people who would like to learn more about this topic.


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