Letter from IDS to the Ambassador of Spain to Ireland

22nd December 2016

His Excellency, José María Rodríguez Coso,

Ambassador of Spain to Ireland

17A Merlyn Park


Dublin 4

21st December 2016

Reference: Article 56 of the Civil Code: Law 15/2015 of Voluntary Jurisdiction

Dear Your Excellency,

The Board of Irish Deaf Society write in reference to a report by the Spanish National Association for the Deaf (CNSE): which states (translated into English):

“Article 56 of the Civil Code: Law 15/2015 of Voluntary Jurisdiction which among other things, modifies article 56 of the Civil Code, which seriously affects deaf, blind, deafblind, and other disabled persons, who wish to exercise their right to marry. This article will come into effect as of June 30, 2017, subjecting our right to marry to the opinion of a medical report, proving our ability to give consent as a contracting party.”

We are exceptionally astounded by this report and of course, support the stance taken by the CNSE to oppose this amendment.

We therefore write to your embassy to convey our message of opposition to your National Government. This opposition is based on the understanding that your government has ratified the UN Convention on Rights for People with Disabilities, and the proposed modification of Article 56 of the Civil Code, Law 15/2015 apparently breaches the Convention.

We trust your government will take this opposition seriously, and consider the possibility of reserving this amendment immediately to ensure the marriage rights of Deaf and disabled people remain intact.

Yours Sincerely,

Lianne Quigley,