Sign Languages Unite Us

Friday, 23rd September 2022

Interview with Carmel Grehan, Assistant Professor, Centre for Deaf Studies topic of Languages Connect / Post Primary Languages Ireland as part of International Week of Deaf People 2022.


Fiona Landers shares information on a beautiful and exciting project IDS are doing, aimed at Deaf Children, CODAs, their families, their friends, educators and everyone in between.

The Irish Deaf society supported by Libraries Ireland and Huawei Project have been working together to launch ISL Story Sign part of the International Week of Deaf people. In agreement with publishers, each libraries chose their own book to translate in ISL.

You can view ISL Stories here

Huawei Mobile
EUD – The European Union of the Deaf



Keep an eye out on our social media – FaceboookTwitterInstagram for IDS online events on that week – 19th to 25th September. Enjoy! 


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