Deaf Leadership

Saturday 26th September 2020

Watch this video of IDS colleagues Elaine and Orla talking about WFD’s theme – “Deaf Leadership”


Interview with Lianne Quigley, IDS Chairperson on this WFD's theme "Deaf Leadership"


WFD Charter "Deaf Leadership"

The right to sign language is the most fundamental human right of the deaf people. What are human rights? How can sign languages be a part of human rights? Read the Charter on Sign Language Rights for All, endorse it and have a look at tomorrow’s final day of the 2020 International Week of the Deaf – how you can support and sign for Human rights

The Irish Deaf Society approve this Charter and we want you all to support by signing it. 

What is WFD Charter? Learn about WFD Charter in ISL

Find out more about WFD Charter on Sign Language Rights for All!

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