Free Publications on the following are available:

Guide for Parents of Deaf Children Code 2.5
Seminar : Bilingual Education for Deaf Children at St Patrick’s College, Dublin – March 1997 Code 2.6
Communicating with Deaf People – a guideline on how to communicate Code 2.7
Year of the Family Conference – Families sharing experiences by Irish Deaf Women’s Group and Irish Deaf Society – November 1994. Code 2.14
General Information about the Deaf Community (2011) Code 2.15
Books for sale Price Code
Breaking the Silence: The Education of the Deaf in Ireland 1816-1996 by Ned Crean €35.00 Code 5.1
DVDs for sale Price Code
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 1). This DVD introduces you to Irish Sign Language and allows you to learn some basic signs €15 Code 6.1
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 2). The second part of ABC is more intermediate and introduces you to more conversational Irish Sign Language €15 Code 6.2
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 3) . €15 Code 6.3
The ABC of Irish Sign Language (Part 1, 2 and 3) Special Offer price. €30 Code 6.4

Printable Irish Sign Language Sheets for young children

Kids colour in ABC (ISL)

Irish Sign Language Letters

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