IDS General Election manifesto 2020

17th January 2020

The Irish Deaf Society asks all parties and election candidates to support our manifesto and champion access, equality and inclusion for the Deaf community.

Please share the IDS election manifesto, we have 5 important issues: deliver on the ISL Act, meet the commitments of UNCRPD, implement the interpreter voucher scheme, support the #AccessToWork campaign, regularly meet the Deaf community.

IDS calls on all parties, party leaders and candidates to provide equal access to their manifestos, televised debates, online video posts and information for the Deaf community. We are disappointed to see parties launching their manifestos with no ISL interpreters, they are excluding the Deaf community voters from equal access to information.

We ask the Deaf community to use social media to comment on any political parties and candidates that do not provide information in ISL. Social inclusion is everyone’s responsibility.

If politicians respect equal access to information for the Deaf Community #WhereAreTheInterpreters? #StopHidingISL

By supporting the IDS Manifesto you commit to:

  1. Supporting the legal commencement of the ISL Act in 2020. Making sure Deaf access and inclusion is considered and provided for in local government and workplace policies and strategies.
  2. Meeting the commitments in the UN Convention on Rights for People with Disabilities (UNCRPD), of which 5 clauses relate to sign language.
  3. Implementing the Interpreting Hours Voucher Allocation System. The voucher system, to provide interpreters for the Deaf community, has a budget of €150k approved and guidelines submitted but progress has not been made. We need answers as to why has this scheme not been started.
  4. Support the campaign for an Irish “Access To Work” based on the success of the UK and European equivalent schemes and address Deaf communities struggle in the labour market.
  5. Meet with members of the Deaf community on a regular basis and understand the issues they face.

The Irish Government has formally acknowledged that the Deaf Community is systematically excluded from State Services, and as a result, is marginalised. Join our fight for access and equality, use the hash tag #IDSManifesto to show your support in social media.

Irish Deaf Society Election Manifesto 2020 (PDF)