Announcement – Update on IDS at risk of closure

14th January 2019

Follow up to Lianne’s Vlog:
This Saturday, 19th January 2019, the IDS will hold an open meeting at 2pm-4pm in the Deaf Heritage Centre, DVI, to discuss the financial crisis that threatens to close IDS.
We want to explain the severity of what this financial crisis means for the Deaf Community.
Over the years the IDS have secured funding from Government for our Deaf Adult Literacy Services (DALS) and IDS Advocacy services. However, we have depended on fundraising and income from our charity shops and raffles to fund management positions such as CEO, Financial Adviser, Receptionist and Fundraising Manager. We also had some funds from the sale of our old building on Blessington Street.
All of these funds together have kept the IDS admin staff operating but now we find that it is more difficult to fundraise, we have not had a Fundraising manager and our funds from Blessington Street have been spent on supporting IDS services to the Deaf Community.
In order to continue we need annual core funding that covers the costs of managing our services. For the past several years we have received short term funding from Government several times, always leading back to where we are now, running out of money.
Right now we only have enough funds to cover our core expenses, salaries,pay the rent, lights, wages, heat etc, until the end of March.
If we do not secure Core Funding over the next few weeks, the IDS, including DALS, IDS Advocacy Services, ISL Academy and the IDS Charity shops will close down, as none of these Departments can continue without the IDS Admin staff and management to run the organization.
IDS calls on the Government to find an appropriate body to fund our core expenses and our Advocacy services so that we can continue to work for the Deaf Community.
Some practical examples of what IDS closing will mean.
• DALS closing will mean all classes and courses such as English, Personal Development, Office Skills, Photography, Knitting and Driving Theory Test will stop immediately.
• There will be no nterpreters on the Healthcare course funded by DALS.
• Deaf Education Online will be closed.
• IDS Advocacy Services closing will mean there will no longer be services available such as access to phone calls, translating forms/documents or provision of information as well as the Deaf Community no longer having an Advocate when it comes to policy making and campaigning for their rights.
• There will be no Deaf Awareness Training provided, which aims to change public attitudes towards the Deaf Community.
• Closure of the ISL Academy will mean no more ISL classes will be provided to hearing society through organisations, transition year classes, evening classes, and businesses. These classes are essential to the spreading of ISL and the integration of the Deaf Community and hearing society. It will also affect Home Tuition which, to hearing parents that have a Deaf child, is an essential part of the child’s development.
We are seriously concerned about these services no longer being provided to the Deaf Community as a result of the closure of IDS, the only Deaf-led organisation. The IDS needs your support. We ask that you come to the open meeting on Saturday in which we will be provided with an opportunity to discuss our next steps and what we can do for the future of the IDS.