EGM 2021

New Constitution 

This year IDS are updating our Constitution. Our old constitution was out of date and included some contradictions and descriptions that were not clear. Over the last year the board have been working to develop a new constitution that is improved and modern.

The new constitution is based on a “standard” or “template” constitution from the Charities Regulator. We have adjusted and changed it to include the important things about the Irish Deaf Society that makes us unique. We had legal help to do this to make sure we get it right.

Now we want to share the new draft constitution with you. It has been approved by our legal team and the board and we want you to understand it and have an opportunity to ask questions… and also at our EGM to vote on it!

Our EGM to approve the new constitution will be on Saturday 24th April at 2pm. Communications about this event will be sent to all of our 2020 members and anyone who has renewed membership in 2021. If you want to vote on the constitution you must be a member of IDS in 2021, this membership renewal can be done on our website. If you do not have access to technology you can email or contact our Advocacy Support Service – Text 086 4401443. If you know any Deaf people who would like to be a member but have difficulty with computers, encourage them to contact us, we don’t want to leave anyone behind.

The constitution is a complicated legal document in English. IDS are working on an ISL translation of the constitution now and we would like to invite you to a meeting to explain the constitution and answer your questions in ISL on 10th April at 2pm.

Click here to see ISL translations of the new constitution and download the English language version.

So the key things to remember are:

  • Information meeting about the constitution is on Saturday 10th April at 2pm
  • The EGM to vote on the constitution is on Saturday 24th April at 2pm
  • Both meetings will be on Zoom and we will send login details closer to the day
  • Info about the Constitution and EGM will be sent to 2020 members but to vote on it you must renew your 2021 membership now

Over the last year IDS has been fighting hard for your rights, delivering online education and and bringing you information in ISL about Coronavirus and Vaccination, but we can’t do this without your support, please renew your membership now and join us in the fight for your rights!